Prime Fund came to us starting their online presence from scratch. We built a custom website with the sole purpose to convert targeted traffic into leads.  Prime Fund is a commercial lending firm providing multi-million dollar loans from small business through large corporations. While Prime Fund is in a very competitive niche online we crafted and optimized Google Ads to drive highly targeted leads looking for multi-million dollar loans. 

Client Location: Del Ray Beach, FL



Achieved 313 Leads at a 17.57% Conversion Rate!


Prime Fund is in a highly competitive industry with respect to commercial lending. We accepted the challenge by building a focused website aimed at converting targeted traffic into leads.



The requirements for this project were to drive leads as soon as possible once our website was live. Google Ads was the natural choice however due to the competitive nature of this niche it took refinement over the course of weeks and even months to optimize ROI. We implemented a commercial lending ad campaign on Google with multiple Ad Groups breaking down the niche. From there we built a healthy negative keyword list and further optimized through split testing and conversion tracking.



We provided Prime Fund a total of 313 total leads during our window of testing. These were very highly targeted leads looking for multi-million dollar loans. We were able to achieve a 17%+ conversion rate on Google Ads to lead which is outstanding in this industry. Prime Fund was very pleased with the results as our efforts led to the financing of multi-million dollar loans.

Targeted Google Ads

313 Targeted Leads

17.57% Conversion Rate