Listen to what Dave has to say about his experience working with Intellisea and how we've helped him outrank competition.  We devised a custom SEO plan and implemented our Comprehensive Marketing plan to climb the search rankings and increase ROI on Google Ads.

Location:  Frisco, TX

Client Website:

Achieved 43% increase in traffic from March 2018 to August 2018


Strengthen rankings in a larger geographic radius from the current business location in Plano and border of Frisco, TX. The opportunity is displaying client website in the search results in the larger DFW market leading to an increase in organic traffic. Additional, the client had a poorly run Google Ad campaign at approximately $8.50 per click and receiving clicks 250 miles away! Not ideal for a small local business. 



We identified valuable keywords in the larger DFW market that drove traffic and obtainable from a ranking perspective. After defining our target list of key phrases we implemented our aggressive SEO plan to outrank the competition. We also crafted an optimal Google Ad campaign that drives highly targeted clicks for custom jewelry and engagement jewelry in the desired business radius.



We achieved a steady increase in rankings over the course of our case study as illustrated in the graphic. We provided an overall traffic increase of 43% which directly led to new business for the client.  The increase in rankings provided an equivalent in $303 / month in Google Ads cost.

Multiple 1st Page Results

$303 Adwords Value

43% Increase Rankings