SEO Case Study

MX Mounts

Client Overview

MX Mounts

Category :SEO
Client: MX Mounts
Industry: Consumer
Results: 52% Increase in organic traffic in 4 months
Results: 552 total increases against campaign benchmarks

Project Brief

The primary objective of the client is increasing organic traffic. The Intellisea team pulled together a sound SEO strategy for the campaign keyword benchmark that translated into significant early results. The initial phase of the campaign crafted a solid keyword strategy targeting low hanging fruit keyword phrases and competitive keyword phrases. As with all SEO campaigns this approach leads to early success while building a long term foundation in the search engines.

Organic Traffic

Increasing Search Traffic

The direct result of a dramatic increase in keyword rankings is increasing targeted search engine traffic.


As illustrated MX Mounts experienced a tremendous jump of 52% in organic traffic over the first four months of the campaign.

Keyword Results


As illustrated in the second graphic MX Mounts experienced a significant increase in rankings for the campaign keyword benchmarks.


Intellisea increased keyword ranking positions for the campaign benchmarks 552 positions during the first 4 months.

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