Client Overview

  • Category :SEO
  • Client :DFW CAD
  • Industry :Professional Services
  • Results: 145% Increase in organic traffic
  • Results: 552 total increases on campaign benchmarks

Project Brief:

For DFW CAD the focus is building sustainable organic growth driving real search traffic. The Intellisea team pulled together a sound SEO strategy to go after rankable keywords leading to immediate results illustrated through the increase in search based traffic.

The initial phase of the campaign built a solid keyword strategy targeting low hanging fruit keyword phrases up to niche competitive ranking terms. Over the long term this leads to a steady growth in traffic from highly targeted visitors.


Keyword Results

As illustrated in the graphic DFW CAD witnessed a significant jump in rankings after just a few short months. Overall, the benchmark keywords increased 552 places in search results as an aggregated total.

Organic Traffic

Increasing Search Traffic

The direct result of a dramatic increase in keyword rankings is increasing targeted search engine traffic. As illustrated DFW CAD has experienced a steady increase in organic traffic as a result of our effective SEO strategy.

DFW CAD increased organic traffic on the order of 145% in just 5 months.

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