Broadmark Commercial Lending

Client Overview

  • Category :SEO & Google PPC
  • Client :Broadmark Commercial Lending
  • Industry :Financial Services
  • Results: 145% Increase in organic traffic
  • Results: 552 total increases on campaign benchmarks

Project Brief:

Broadmark came to us needing to increase the number of leads looking for multi-million dollar commercial loans.  The strategy consisted of both organic search engine optimization and Google paid advertising.

The team performed a comprehensive keyword strategy to build an organic campaign as well as implemented a Google Ads campaign with specific criteria to drive targeted traffic looking for commercial loans.

Conversion Tracking

Lead Generation

Continued increase in leads generated through search engine traffic. Over the course of a few months, multi-million dollar leads increased over 100% from 9 to 21. Sessions, pages per session and average session duration all increased over the course of a few months.

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing Keyword Rankings

Against the benchmark keywords Broadmark has an aggregate increase of 329 spots in Google results. 

As a direct result Broadmark has increased organic traffic and with targeted clicks also increased conversions.

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