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This video discuss about methods that can be used to do SEO on a website.

In this video different steps are discussed which can be used to do SEO on different websites.

SEO | Steps to follow while doing SEO for a website | Quora

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This video is made to answer the question – “What are the steps to follow while doing SEO for a website and how can one do it?”

SEO (search engine optimization) is a art of play which is played with the websites to increase the visibility and ranking on the search engines.

There are many ways of SEO through which you can optimize your website but sometime to get SEO rich website, you’ll probably end up in Black Hat SEO instead of White Hat SEO.

You can start SEO with making its outline – “steps to optimize a webpage”.

Keyword research
1. The basic thing to start SEO thing is with content and if content is authentic with good quality keywords then webpage will automatically go up in search engines.
If you think that single keyword can work for SEO then you are wrong, target more keywords in the same piece of content.
1. Target Long tail keywords.
2. Keywords with high traffic.
3. Choose specific keywords – As according to Moz (”*the more specific you define your theme, the easier it is to rank.*”
2. Try to add keywords that support and attribute quality to other keywords.
There are some tools WordStream (, Bing – Keyword Research Tool (, UberSuggest (
And did I told you?, they are free.
3. Whenever you write article or product description, try to write while keeping in mind that – how a customer will search your product?, what keywords they will choose to search?

It is the best way to increase a website’s credibility but what if it doesn’t convert more. With content you need to create Value.
You need find few more things –
1. emotional connection
2. usefulness

Length of Content
Writing any article or post is not about write few lines or few paragraphs. It is proved fact that more content means more authenticity and more value and more credibility.

Methods to deliver value
Now after creating content you need to create how you are gonna present the content.
Now, you need to choose best way to deliver your content.
a. Infographics
b. Images
c. Videos
d. E-book
e. Guide

Till now we are done with the content now we will work on what should we use to refer the content means, Headline or Title.
As the content has value but more value is given to its Title or Headline because before reading any content reader look at its title and if Title is not appealing then no one will click to read.
So spend enough time to decide Title. Content is important and Title is more important.
Title must be Unique, with deep and easy meaning, related to content.

Always check for updates. Everyday algorithms are changing so check for updates.

Social Media
The best, easy and free way to curate content is social media. Social Media is the rich source of content and it can be used to create backlinks.

One of the most important aspect of SEO is backlinks. High quality backlinks helps a webpage to get rank higher.

Submission on search engines
There are alot of search engines on internet and each search engine has different values according to demographic categories so it is necessary to submit your website on each search engine.
According to eCloudBuzz (…), top 10 best search engines in the world are :
1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo
4. Baidu
5. AOL
6. (
7. Excite
8. DuckDuckGo.

Blogging – Blogging is the best way to create content for website. It is also use to create backlinks as you can either write blog for some other websites and then link it to your website or you can invite some professional expert blogger to write on your blog. It will not only increase readership but also increase the rate of search on search engines.

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